Grupo CMC
Grupo CMC

Protect your organization's health
from COVID-19


Healthcare training and action plans for employees

This knowledge management and training platform is aimed at employees that allows access to information in real time on all health and safety protocols related to COVID-19, recommendations and management of emergency situations that help our actions to be in line with the recommendations of the competent authorities.

It consists of an application for employees and an administration and monitoring tool for managers.

Grupo CMC


  • Contents are updated daily by means of video pills, adapted to each professional profile and suitable for tackling micro training or as a consultation tool. The system allows to know which users have visualized the pills or not.
  • Push notifications are sent to all users, in a flexible way, via mobile phone, smartwatch and email.
  • The platform is currently implemented successfully in several hospitals for the health management of COVID-19.


Knowledge management and training platform, developed by Seasalt Technologies, offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), ensuring total service availability, maximum flexibility to adapt to the needs of the organization, technical and functional support and strict compliance with GPRD.