Grupo CMC
Grupo CMC

Protect your organization's health
from COVID-19


Measurement of Well-being

It allows to measure in real time the well-being of the people (employees, patients, etc.) who carry the device, to identify episodes of variation in the level of well-being through a personalized AI model, to analyze and show a complete individual visualization of the well-being.

Grupo CMC


  • Non-intrusive devices that, in the current situation caused by COVID-19, generate the data that helps to obtain a well-being curve and capture physiological data in real time. It measures well-being, compares it to previous days and weeks, and sends notifications when it detects changes in the well-being curve.
  • Automatic analysis of people wearing the device in real time based on risk/symptoms, as well as continuous evolution of vital signs, remote assessment of symptoms and summary of major physiological changes.
  • 360º visualization that allows to identify the variations of well-being to be able to act and safe communication with the people who carry the device.


Our AI model refines the data and analyzes it to produce a score within the welfare scale.

From this data, Machine Learning models are trained to produce a system independent of user responses and capable of predicting changes in the well-being scale.