Grupo CMC
Grupo CMC

Protect your organization's health
from COVID-19


Movement Tracking

It monitors movements made by each employee in their workplace to know their movements during the working day and identify the areas where they have passed by.

In this way, certain spaces can be disinfected and spaces with a high volume of people can be properly managed, maintaining the recommended interpersonal distance of approximately 2 metres and ensuring capacity control.

Grupo CMC


  • Real-time detection of an employee's location in the building by triangulating their georeferenced location.
  • Detection of hot areas and spaces here there may be crowds of people in order to facilitate capacity control.


Algorithm that combines the pre-existing information in buildings (magnetic fields, Bluetooth and WIFI) with data from the inertial sensors of smartphones (compass, gyroscope, accelerometer) to provide an accuracy of less than 5 metres without the need for additional hardware.