Grupo CMC
Grupo CMC

Protect your organization's health
from COVID-19


Contact Tracing

It favours control y seguimiento de posibles contagios by recording all mobile phone interactions of people who have already entered the building.

The system records the link between devices and users, so that it allows to recover the history of contacts the user with COVID-19 has been in touch with, maintaining the privacy of the user at all times.

Grupo CMC


  • Ensure the privacy of employees and customers during the data collection process as the devices share only their identifier with each other and not the user's identity.
  • Retrospective analysis of the movement of subsequent symptomatic cases.
  • Control and monitoring of possible infections when a positive case of COVID-19 is detected.


The innovative Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless network technology system provides reduced power consumption and significant cost reduction compared to Classic Bluetooth.