Grupo CMC
Grupo CMC

Protect your organization's health
from COVID-19


Access Control

In their desire to adapt to the new reality, companies have to regulate access control to workplaces in times of COVID-19 by means of automated, unattended and non-contact body temperature detector systems.

This system is integrated in a complete centralized platform of Artificial Intelligence (SAB) that allows to manage the identification of pre-registered people (customers/employees), access control, queue and capacity management, people counting, mask detection or movement flows.

Grupo CMC


  • The Control Center receives real-time information from all cameras and devices installed at the different access points to the building.
  • If an employee or client exceeds a certain temperature threshold, the corresponding health protocol is activated.


Each of these processes requires the management of complex data flows without security breaches. This is done using SAB (Situational Awareness Builder) that currently manages the data of more than 238 million citizens in different countries.

In these Smart Cities projects, cities of up to 600,000 people are digitized, requiring the combination and management of complex data flows.