Grupo CMC
Grupo CMC

Protect your organization's health
from COVID-19


CMC Health Portal

Platform that helps a patient's self-care in times of COVID-19 and contributes to their empowerment by having medical information always available.

A patient is at the center of the system and has access to complete and accurate information about their pathological process, as well as how to self-manage their disease.

All the information is available for follow-up by the health professional in charge of the patient's care.

CMC's Health Portal allows to follow at-risk groups like the elderly, that are present in geriatric centers or mental health facilities. It tracks an array of parameters deemed necessary to ensure signs of infection are detected.

Grupo CMC


  • It favours continuity of care and increases efficiency of health services with the aim of preventing, at the same time, overloading of the health system.
  • It facilitates autonomy in health care, management and monitoring of the patient from any location.
  • It incorporates an alert system for changes in medical data.
  • It allows medical data to be taken by the patient in a place outside the hospital or medical center (home or hotel). The parameters observed are temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, respirations per minute and blood sugar.
  • The patient dashboard integrates the patient's clinical history, medication, biometric data collected in real time.


Our AI model refines the data and analyzes it to produce a score within the welfare scale.

From this data, Machine Learning models are trained to produce a system independent of user responses and capable of predicting changes in the well-being scale.